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Introducing Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes TM by Canada's
newest Best Selling cookbook author,
Clara Margaret Czegeny - is a culinary
treasure of Hungarian classic recipes passed down through generations of the
Szabo-Czegeny families. Finally Chef Helen Irene Szabo-Czegeny shares
secrets of Hungarian cooking with you! Take a culinary journey through Hungarian
Cuisine that is boldly brushed with paprika.

Chef Helen Szabo-Czegeny and Clara Czegeny were highly commended and
acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments by the Hungarian National
Tourism Board. The board was especially impressed with the way in which Helen
and Clara's cherished and treasured Hungarian family recipes were spreading
Hungarian Culture, Heritage and Patriotism by keeping alive the true classic
Hungarian recipes outside the borders of Hungary in North America and the rest of
the world.

TRAVEL RADIO, SOUTH AFRICA named Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes #1 in
the world!  Also praised for their excellent promotion of classic Hungarian cuisine
throughout the world!
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BestSelling Author and Chef
Clara Czegeny
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes tm
Clara Margaret Czegeny, Author of Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes TM
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A Magyar  Fôzésnek
A Titkát Csak Itt
Lehet Találni.
Szakacsnő Ilona

Clara Margaret Czegeny, born in Montreal and grew up in a traditionally
Hungarian home with all the classic meals being prepared on a daily basis. Clara has
always loved to cook and she does that like everything else with flair, gusto,
passion and of course - a huge clatter and dozens of bowls, spoons and linen tea

Of the three sisters, Clara stayed closest to her Hungarian heritage of cooking.
Compiling this cookbook; recipes that otherwise would have been lost in their
mother's memories, has truly been a labor of love. Clara creatively weaves her own
perspective and personal philosophy of life and observations into this book. The
humorous anecdotes before her recipes makes them easy to prepare and her book
especially enjoyable to read.

Clara incorporates her childhood memories and recollections of how she
remembers life in our home. Her teaching background greatly influenced her
writing style and her helpful nature flows through with an abundance of hints.
Clara is a definitely a twist on the movie - Good Cook, Likes Music_2005 she is a
Great Musician, Loves to Cook_2006. We've all managed to inherit the love of
cooking and good food and to create in the kitchen from our mom, but to have
inherited her amazing natural gift in the kitchen would have been indeed a great
honor. Again...Congratulations to Clara for such a timeless piece, a legacy of
Helen's Cooking Treasures!   

Canadian Best-Selling Cookbook for 2010 "
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes" is a
small treasure with a big heart. The loving result of a desire to honour an aging

Gathering the best entries from her mother's memories and scribbled papers to
create a cornucopia of cherished and treasured Hungarian family recipes that will
delight even the most discerning palate. Clara & her mother (Helen) co-authored
this beloved collection - truly a rhapsody of recipes for all to enjoy in December

Clara's daughter, Evangline Mackell of Design in Bloom joined her mother and
grandmother and is the accomplished photographer and graphic artist for the
cookbook. Truly, a three generation wonder! With old fashioned methods and
attention to detail, Chef Helen keeps alive an age old tradition of exceptional
European cookery.

Clara Margaret Czegeny is a self-proclaimed chef, educator, accomplished pianist
and computer software engineer. Born in Montreal, Quebec, she now resides in
Paris, Ontario, Canada.

Clara Czegeny won a $25.00 Thomas B. Costain Literary Award in Grade 11. She
never thought that one day, she would author a cookbook. Her first attempt at
writing, is a culinary treasure of truly Hungarian Classic Recipes passed down
through generations of the Szabo-Czegeny families. She invites you to take a
culinary journey through Hungarian Cuisine that is boldly brushed with Hungarian
Paprika. Whet your appetite for this subtle and complex cuisine - a melding of
Germanic, Slavic, Tartar, and Turkish influences.

All of her recipes are complete with meticulous instructions, humorous anecdotes,
lavish illustrations, memories, traditions, lore and lots and lots of love. Learn about,
create, and taste the flavours and culinary traditions of Hungary - from Chicken
Paprikas and Cabbage Rolls to Poppy Seed and Walnut Rolls all the way to the
world famous and regal Dobos Torte.

Clara graduated from McMaster University with two Honours Degrees in Sociology
and Gerontology. She also holds a Bachelor of Education from Brock University and
an honoury degree from NorthWest University in Computer Science.

Clara's mother and co-author Helen Czegeny (86); lives in Brantford, Ontario and
still plants her own garden and enjoys its bounty to make fresh sumptuous
Hungarian meals. Her daughter Evangeline Mackell is the photographer and graphic
artist for the book. She is a talented artist hailing from Toronto.

Clara lives in the lovely town of Paris, Ontario, Canada. In her spare time, she loves
to rollerblade, host lavish dinner parties, bike, walk her dog, an Eskimo named
Bailey, experiment with gourmet cooking, and entertain musically on the piano.
She has enjoyed many years of playing professionally at church, weddings and
other family celebrations!
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