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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes Cookbook
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Updated January 23, 2010
Crime-Stoppers Jail and Bail nabs our
Hot Hungarian Chef in Brantford, June 2009
She actually thinks she
can get away!
The Judge Hears the Case (she's
armed and dangerous)
Poor Hot Hungarian Chef - WILL
get locked up and she must raise
her own BAIL by selling cookbooks!
Everything had a happy ending though -
Clara raised the Bail money and got out -
but poses for a lovely picture of her victory!
Business Only
Chef Helen Irene
Szabo-Czegeny posing here
for a Brantford Expositor
Photo - Feb 2006

The story was a great
write-up of our beginnings.
Kitt McDermott shared for
all Brantford and
Southwern Ontario readers
how Helen's Hungarian
Heritage Recipes  got it's

(look at that spread of