NOVEMBER 12, 2011
Dear Klara and Helen,

Just had to write again. I found your book last year by "googling" the word "Kolbasz" because I needed a
base recipe from which to begin trying to make the Kolbasz of my youth. The Hungarian butcher shop in
Cleveland, Ohio (where I was born) went out of business and now that I live in California, there is no
"Kolbasz" to be found anywhere. So I decided to make my own. Somehow, with persistance, I followed some
path from Google that led me to the cookbook on Amazon.

I ordered the book and consult it often. With every dish I prepare, it makes our house smell wonderful as do
so many Hungarian recipes.

I bought this copy of the book as a gift for my brother-in-law in Pennsylvania, another really good home chef.

Months ago I wrote a testimonial and a rebuttal on the book on The testimonial is entitled
something like "Great cookbook, great stories, great results". You even responded to that testimonial! The
rebuttal was to "kozwoman's" ridiculously poor review that reflected more on HER than the cookbook.

Hopefully, this will qualify me for the free e-book, although I have to confess, I don't know how to use it yet
but I will learn!

All the best,

Patricia Nagy Olsen, California

NOVEMBER 12, 2011
Dear Klara and Helen,

So nice to hear from you. This gift book is for my brother-in-law who is Polish, but he is an able Hungarian
cook! I am sure that he will love it and I intend to indicate the pages of my favorite recipes with "post-it"

I will give your father's Kolbasz recipe a try as written. The one that I currently use has more garlic and
several additional spices. I suspect that your father's is actually more authentically Hungarian because it is
more straightforward than mine. But I just can't resist tinkering with savory recipes. Like you said, a recipe is
a guide.

On the other hand, I am not much of a baker so I follow the instructions to the letter. Your Sour Cherry Strudel
filling is absolutely fabulous and my first strudels were the hit of a German Oktoberfest party that I co-hosted
(we made our own Thuringer Rostbratwursts for it as well).

Thanks for this wonderful book and your contacting me directly. There aren't too many people of Hungarian
decent out here in San Francisco so I feel it is my personal mission to introduce others to the delicious flavors
of that region.

All the best in your future editions and endeavors.

Patricia Nagy Olsen, California

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Dear Clara, It was certainly my pleasure speaking to you this afternoon and I must say I was very excited
since I enjoy your mother's Cook Book immensely. There are so many recipes that are exactly the way my
mother prepared food for her family.  Actually in some cases it is frightening to see how similar the food and
its preparations are done.
As I mentioned to you over the phone my best friend came in from Montréal for a visit and saw the recipe book
on the table.  He immediately asked me if I was able to get them a copy.  I am sure when my other friends see
it they will also purchase a copy for themselves.

With warmest wishes, Ernest
PS. I certainly will mention the Cook Book to my friends on Facebook.

While surfing the internet one day because I wanted to find a cookbook which had all my mom's dishes I had a
child growing up. I found that book in
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Cookbook!

This book is an absolute gem of a book. It has every Hungarian dish that I have ever eaten as a child to adult.
It also has recipes of the villages which were considered peasant food. Not to us - this type of cuisine is really
comfort food at its finest. Clara and Helen have incorporated some of Hungary's finest confections and cakes
that the patisserie shops in Budapest offer. I would recommend this book for anyone from those who are just
started to appreciate the Hungarian cuisine, to the most seasoned chefs. You will not be disappointed. Thank
you Helen and Clara for doing this because you have not only captured the recipes of your families from
generations but also a lot of our own family recipe traditions.

Helen and Clara have put together not only a fantastic cookbook, but have included information of Hungary,
benefited those of us who have not been back in a very long time. Also they have included cultural aspects of
Hungary and the Hungarian way of like such as the beautiful embroideries, porcelain’s, culture, and links to
different insightful Hungarian sites. Helen and Clara - it would be most wonderful to meet you. Are you ever
coming back to the Chapters in Oakville?
Thank you so much and may God continue to bless your work as you do not let the Hungarian Heritage just
fade away. I wish you both all the best in the future.
Many Thanks,
Mrs. Erika Zolyomi Muszik
Oakville, ONTARIO

Fall 2009
Dear Clara Czegeny and Helen Czegeny (Ilona Szabo)
We checked out your website and your exquisite Hungarian Cookbook and we are so very happy to see and
hear that you are promoting Hungarian Recipes and Hungarian Food on the internet globally.  It is so
refreshing to see the excellence in your work and it boasts of Hungary's image to the world. The board is
especially impressed with the way in which you are sharing your treasured Hungarian family recipes and
spreading Hungarian Culture, Heritage and Patriotism by keeping alive the true classic Hungarian Heritage
Recipes outside the borders of Hungary in North America and the rest of the world.  The name of your book is
very fitting and appropriate!Keep on sharing those Secrets of Hungarian Cooking!
Congratulations on your excellent work.
Mr. Gábor Kluka
Online Marketing
BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft.
Tourism Office of Budapest
1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 7.
Tel: +36 1 328 4088, +36 1 266 0479 / 128 mellék
Special Note - You have our granted permission to use
any pictures you desire from our Corporate Slideshow (including the Halászlé)

Hi Helen & Clara! I am one of the greatest fans of "
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes".  I have both given
copies to relatives and relatives have bought copies for other relatives--the latest was my cousin who bought
one for my niece who was getting married.  Your cookbook has really allowed me to recreate so many of the
dishes made by my grandmother and mother.  Your Nokedli recipe is the best.  Everytime I cook something
that would be great with Nokedli I wind up buying pasta, put it in the pantry, and make Nokedli instead.  I cut
the Nokedli into the water, just like my edes nagymama did and everyone is amazed.  Your instructions for
Toltott Kaposzta are also excellent.  I've made many other dishes as well-- and it was especially nice finding
potato dough recipes.  In short, I use your cookbook constantly!
I have lived in NYC almost my entire life.  However, about five years ago I bought an apartment in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. I now live there approximately 60% of my time. To my amazement, there are actually
Hungarians down here!  And there is a wonderful Hungarian food store down here.  I haven't bought that much
there, but thier makos beigli and sausages are terrific!  Anyway, since your cookbook is the best Hungarian
cookbook I have found,  I can't tell you how much joy it has given to me and friends and family!
Yours, Irwin Rubin -
(New York and Florida)
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
BestSelling Author;
Chef Clara Czegeny
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BestSelling Author;
Chef Clara Czegeny
5.0 out of 5 stars
It gets from Good to Better!
JANUARY 4, 2012
Daniel M. Kolos (Orangeville, Ontario Canada)

This review is from: Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes (The Czegeny Family's Cherished Hungarian Recipes)

Well, the good news is that the Szekely Kaposzta (cabbage made Szekely style) was so authentic, my mother
could not have made the dish any better! Now for the even better news: I am just finishing the third meal of it!
Although I don't usually eat pork (bacon with breakfast excepted), I had no trouble eating this one: the pork
was soft and delicious!!! The ratio between cabbage and meat was perfect.

Another thing. As I found with Hungarian food, the leftovers seem to tastes better and better with each day.
With the first meal, I was curious and satisfied. By the third meal, I was salivating even as I took the first
whiff of it in the refrigerator. Now I must try some of the other recipes.
Dear Helen and Clara - thank you for keeping your cookbook truly Hungarian.
There are so many other books out there that don't have the real authentic Hungarian Cherised Czegeny family
recipes in them. Your recipes are tested and tried - God Bless you for keeping all the classics in one lovely
unforgettable book
Waterloo, Ontario

Hello fellow Magyar!  I'm of 100% Hungarian
blood.  Both sets of my grandparents came to the U.S. from northern
Hungary in the 1920s.  My mother recently passed away and was the last true Hungarian cook in the family.  
She had some recipes but
not all the ones for other family members who are now gone.  I'm hoping to find some of the recipes I love
eating as a kid.  I just ordered your cookbook and am looking forward to making some of the foods I
remember from so long ago. Best Wishes!

Clara - I met you at Millionaire Mind in Toronto. Tasted your crepes - oh boy - was I every pleased! They were
delish! I just had to buy the e-book CD. Good luck with your events!
Yorkdale, ONTARIO

I just had to share this... I bought your lovely book at a Taste & Sign Event at Chapters. While I was standing
in line to pay for the book - I was reading the dedication. I started to cry. I had to go back to your table and
buy a 2nd book. What a treasure.  
Ancaster, ONTARIO

It was really nice meeting you and your mom at your Taste & Sign event in Waterloo Chapters. Just meeting
her made me think how lucky you are that you still have her here with you - you are very fortunate. I was
happy to support the book because I believe it's a great tradition to carry on. I really appreciate the e-book,
but am very happy that I purchased the hard copy book too - I like the format, spiral pages will make it much
easier in the kitchen! Like I said that day, I only wish we were smart enough to gather and save that
knowledge before mom passed away. Anyway, I'm glad you had a successful day, good luck in the future with
other book signings too.
Waterloo, ONTARIO

My late mother and grandmother were from Budapest and especially my granny were fantastic cooks.
Unfortunately they did not pass on much of their secrets. I am looking forward to this book.

Thank you so much for your time and effort which is very much appreciated.  The book looks amazing and we
cannot wait for the hard copy to arrive.  Some fabulous recipes in there. Cheers

I've been to Helen's home in Brantford to purchase the cookbook. They're the best, authentic Hungarian
recipes around. Excellent cookbook!

Thank you so much, it is everything  I had hoped for. I had such a good time reading through it and finding  
recipes to all the foods my grandmother used to cook,some I had even  forgot  about! Since she has passed, I
will cherish being able to make these dishes for my grand daughters!

Oh Wow!!!  I have just visited your website and I was moved to even more, do I want to purchase
your book.  I have 4 grown children.  I get phone calls of "oh Mom what goes into this, or how did you make
your nokedli again".... With 10 grandchildren I will need to get a few more copies...
Nagyon szépen köszönöm!!

I had picked up 2 books on the weekend and was delighted! Would like to get 4 more.  

I read your article and bought your cookbook.  My best friend is Hungarian and I made a few recipes.  

I am a retired teacher and most of my extended family is Hungarian.  I have purchased 10 books already and
would like 5 more! This is fantastic!  

Hi! I just read the article in today's paper. Wonderful!  My mom remembers her grandma making an apple
cake. I am thrilled it's in the book. ON,

Saw your article in the paper. Fabulous! Our family is Hungarian as well and I just love that our family
favorites are now all in one book that I can share and pass down to my kids. What a great way to preserve our
heritage and traditions.   

My grandmother and husband’s grandmother are Hungarian and cooked some wonderful dishes, but of course
the recipes were "in their heads".  I am thrilled to have these recipes now!

Hi! I just read the article in today's Expositor. Wonderful!  I loved your website, the pictures and  your story!

Thank-you so much for the book, it will really help me out with making traditional Hungarian foods! Now I can
say to my Hungarian in-laws, that I know how to make their foods! Great book, Cheers!

My wife likes the book so much, she would like to pick up another two copies, one for her mom and another for
her two sisters.  

My Hungarian mother passed away several years ago. She was a fabulous cook, but had not written any of her
recipes down. Her name was also Helen. I am purchasing this book for myself and my niece. Thanks :-)
Michigan, USA

Thank you neighbor up north!!!!! Can’t wait!!! My husband is from Budapest and this has his favorite recipes...
Nevada, USA

I purchased a copy of your book a while back, liked it so much I'd like to buy two more for my sons.
New York, USA

Sorry I was not able to attend your 80th birthday celebrations, but I would like 3 books as both my girls and I
love to cook the traditional way. Nevada,

We are a Hungarian family and will really enjoy these treasured cookbooks. Thank you!   Nevada, USA

It is very clear that lots of work and love went into compiling the recipes!
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

5.0 out of 5 stars
The Only Hungarian Cookbook You'll Ever Need!,
October 13, 2011
Frank Balogh, Welland, Ontario, Canada

This review is from: Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes (The Czegeny Family's Cherished Hungarian Recipes)

I've used this book with its amazing collection of recipes so much that I've literally worn the back cover off.

No other English language cookbook even comes close to this book when it comes to preparing authentic,
mouth watering meals that Hungarians and non-Hungarians alike will enjoy. My family had the opportunity to
visit Budapest a couple of summers ago and found that the food that I had been preparing using Chef Helen's
book was comparable to that found at the Great Market Hall and in the small local restaurants.

The recipes are simple enough for the most inexperienced cooks to follow and yet the dishes would satisfy
even the most discerning of palates. The directions are concise and easy to follow. Also helpful to the home
cook are the commentaries that the chef gives on the proper look and feel of the dishes from their beginnings
right through to the finished products. As you read through the chef's colourful personal anecdotes that are
peppered throughout the book, you realize that it is much more than a simple recipe collection. This is a
treasury of one family's culinary history that has become a basis for many of my own family's most
memorable meals.
JANUARY 1, 2012
Dear Clara & Helen
My husband and my son really enjoyed the Hungarian layered sauerkraut recipe from your lovely Hungarian
cookbook. I also enjoyed watching the cooking video on
Foodtube. It really helped me get it perfect.

We also gave a sample to our Hungarian friends and they absolutely loved it. So much so that he ordered an
e-book and posted a review on Go figure.
Rachel & Ray Desmarais, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
JANUARY 2, 2012

Dear Helen and Clara
A good Google search led me to your website.

I just want to say thank you for producing this wonderful recipe book because as many of us of Hungarian
decent recall, we grew up with our grandmothers creating amazing meals with their favourite coffee mug of
flour and a pinch of this and a handful of that.

Sad to say, none of the recipes that were written down ever resembled what was presented to us on our
tables growing up. As we became young women trying to replicate these recipes, we failed time and again
because either they were in 1/2 English and 1/2 Hungarian or all Hungarian or just a "very rough guideline"
to follow. We couldn't get it just right.

But NOW, we have a reference with proper measurements and cooking and baking times. I so very much
appreciate having your cookbook to refer to!

Oh and by the way, I think that Helen started cooking at the tender age of 6.

Could you also send me a list of local book stores who might carry your book? I have friends who have seen
my book and want copies of their own! I bought my copy at Coles, Simcoe!

Thank you again!
Lisa Chanyi-Baruth, Waterford, Ontario

Site Rating:        10
DECEMBER 15, 2011

Dearest Clara

I would love for you to send me the Sumptuous Samplers Ebook. Please send that and also I would like to
order another book of Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes for my own use.

I enjoyed the book I just ordered so much that I, knowing I did not have enough time before Christmas sent
mine on to my son for a Christmas present. He did not know his grandparents (Hungarian) so I have been
trying to share with him about his heritage and your book certainly fills out that duty so awesomely well that I
had to give him mine.

Now I would like to order another for my own usage. I must have another! By the way,just love seeing how
that you support Samaritans Purse.

Also I am glad to see your inclusion of beautiful Scriptures on your web pages. It is nice to know that I have
more brothers and sisters in Christ around me.

I am looking forward to your soon reply.

Lawrence Vanyi WA, USA